Our Team

Justin Ward

Associate Advisor

Justin Ward has joined Don Ledoux and Aaron Peabody’s practice team as an Associate Advisor. He is a driven professional with a diverse background in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from San Jose State University, Justin honed his financial acumen and analytical skills during his academic years. He didn’t just stop at academics; Justin was also a proactive student who ran a successful financial newsletter business while in college. He also expanded on his knowledge and gained valuable experience by joining a top Commercial Real Estate firm in the East Bay. As a real estate agent, Justin gained respected industry insights, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex markets and provide expert advice to clients.


Beyond the world of finance and business, Justin is a family-oriented individual who cherishes quality time with his loved ones. His passion for the outdoors is evident through his love for hiking and surfing. Justin’s commitment to health and fitness is a central part of his life, frequently dedicating time at the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His multifaceted interests and dedication to personal well-being highlight his well-rounded and holistic approach to both his professional and personal life.


Justin holds CA Insurance Lic. #4353635.