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For Business Owners

There are many reasons you may have started your business: independence, financial security, or the pursuit of a dream. But owning a business brings its share of complexity as well. Over the years, Summit has worked with hundreds of business owners and we’ve found there is no way to properly plan for someone who owns a business without building a strategy for your business equity as well.  Someday, you will leave your business. Have you thought about how you are going to get out? Exit and Succession Planning is a critical piece of any owner’s financial plan. Our team has developed a customized process to help you understand your options and chart a course toward your desired outcome. Whether you plan to sell your firm, transfer it to management, or pass it on to your children, Exit Planning provides a roadmap for one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership.

The Business Team

Summit has built a talented and experienced team of professionals who specialize in planning for business owners. Their wide breadth of expertise and knowledge is invaluable when planning for clients.


Exit Planning Steps

Exiting your business can be a complicated endeavor that is different for every owner. The Six Steps illustrate the process we use to help you navigate this challenge.


What Kind of Owner Are You?

Check out our Exit Planning Matrix to learn more about owner types and the exit routes they may employ.


Business Readiness Index™ (BERI™)

The BERI™ is a 20-question survey that provides a customized report -- a measurement of how ready you are for a business transition.

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