Why We Care

The Why

The “Why” behind our work has always been more important than the business results. Summit was founded on the belief that if you do the right thing by clients, excellent business results will follow. Some of our favorite annual metrics are the number of clients reaching retirement, the number of students graduating, the number of businesses succeeding to the next generation, and the amount our clients donate to charity! It’s these milestones that remind us why we do what we do. Helping people reach their financial goals is a blessing, and we are thankful for clients who choose us to guide their journey.

In addition to experiencing our clients’ achievements, we find the more we help people meet their goals the more we are able to impact our community – a virtuous cycle. Supporting our community is important to us, and we celebrate and foster outreach and involvement in our team. Whether it is through the Summit Charity Golf Tournament, our advisors teaching Junior Achievement Finance classes to high school students, or our team taking time to help with construction at a Rooms of Hope project – our team is involved. In addition, many of our team members are actively involved in their own local organizations and charities. We’re grateful to all who participate, and are pleased to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Working alongside clients as they impact their communities, we are exposed to amazing organizations and witness people doing wonderful things to help others. In addition to learning about the causes clients are passionate about, we often help them apply their financial resources to the greater good via their Legacy Planning. This work gives us great joy.

Summit also takes pride in helping nonprofit organizations and their donors realize their goals through education and proactive giving. Our aim is to help charities reach their full potential in order to support the beneficiaries relying on their services as well as assist our clients in fulfilling their philanthropic dreams.

We are committed to giving back to our community, this year and every year. Thanks to the longstanding relationships with clients and our work together, we can continue to make a difference.