6th Annual Summit Symposium Wrap-up


Held on Saturday, February 24, our 6th Annual Symposium was one of our best yet. Located once again at the beautiful Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, the event drew an eclectic crowd of over 300 of our clients and guests.

The day began with our Emcee – film and TV actor Andy Buckley – who warmed up the crowd with a video highlighting his role as David Wallace on NBC’s hit show The Office playing opposite Steve Carrell. The Stanford alum spoke of his days on the college golf team and his short-lived career as a financial advisor before turning the floor over to our first presenter, Economist Dr. Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics.

Thornberg took to the stage, larger than life – big guy, big personality! He exhibited what keynote speaker Michael Allosso would later describe as “swagger on steroids.” Mixing in an unexpected helping of humor, Thornberg tackled topics of economic importance from labor shortages to market bubbles and everything in between. Overall, he painted a positive picture of the market while cautioning the audience not to get too wrapped up in the national political circus. Instead, he recommended focusing on the nifty gritty of what’s going on locally, and relying on the advice of financial advisors when making big decisions.

Following Thornberg’s presentation, equity investment specialist Kent Chan delivered an investment update which transitioned into a panel discussion that included Summit Partner Nathan Bennett, Thornberg and Chan. Audience members had the opportunity to ask questions, many of which revolved around the economic outlook of California, the housing market and investments.

Following the panel, Partner Steve Wilcox, on behalf of the Summit Financial Foundation, presented special guest Brianna Robinson of Opportunity Junction with a $5000 donation to the charity, which fights poverty by providing job training and placement to low-income residents of Contra Costa County.  For those of you who have been with Summit for a while, you may remember that we supported Opportunity Junction through our Charity Golf Tournament back in 2014.

Perhaps packing the biggest punch of the day, communications expert Michael Allosso stepped up to the stage while getting down to the Bruno Mars hit song Uptown Funk (check out his moves on our Facebook page).  

His presentation, You on Your Best Day, emphasized the importance of consistently and ritually bringing your A-game to work and at home. Engaging the audience (happy smileys and stoics alike) with observations and his unique brand of humor, Allosso encouraged us to be great leaders in every aspect of our lives.  The premise of his presentation? Excellent communication and leadership skills are infectious. If you up your game, those around you will do the same.

His best tips included:

Great leaders listen and observe – notice and catch people doing things right.

Follow the rule of TSP … Be truthful, specific and positive in your feedback instead of providing general, generic comments.

People should feel better off by having spent time with you.

Being in the moment, being in the zone – being present at home and at work is at the heart of successful communication and meaningful relationships.

Bring energy and enthusiasm to the office and in your relationships – body language, humor and passion go a long way.

At the conclusion of our presentations, guests gathered in the barrel room for wine tasting, an array of appetizers and a chance to chat with their favorite speakers, friends and advisors. We thoroughly enjoyed this chance to entertain, inspire and educate. Thank you to all who participated.  We hope to see you again at next year’s Symposium, which will take place at the Palm on Saturday, February 23!

View photos of the Symposium here.


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