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Summit Perspective Spring 2024 EditionSummit Perspective Spring 2024

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  • Feature Article: Rediscovering Purpose in Retirement: Embracing the Next Chapter
  • Summit Spirit Award: Cindy Loeffler and Diablo Valley Veterans Foundation
  • Summit University: Artificial Intelligence: Future or Hype?
  • Community Corner: Summit Joins Forces with Kids Against Hunger Bay Area to Provide Aid to Ukraine Refugees
  • Team Spotlight: Congratulations to Kim Damiani!
  • Summit Trivia Challenge
  • It’s Back: Summit Shredding Event

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Rediscovering Purpose in Retirement: Embracing the Next Chapter

Navigating the transition into retirement is a multifaceted journey, one that unfolds over time and presents unique considerations. Initially, the liberation felt in responding to the default question, “What do you do?” with the declaration, “I just retired,” may be exhilarating. Yet, as the novelty fades, a deeper introspection often sets in, leading to questions about one’s identity and purpose in this new phase of life.

Society often views retirement as the culmination of years of hard work—a well-deserved reprieve from the daily grind when individuals can finally relish the fruits of their labor. However, the unspoken and less desirable aspects of retirement—the whisper in your head of who you will become without a career—can lead one to question their sense of identity and purpose. If you are struggling to find identity in this new chapter of life, you are not alone.

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