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Spring 2017

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  • Retirement… It’s About More than Money!
  • Interesting Times
  • All About the Symposium 
  • Save the Date: 15 Annual Golf Tournament
  • KUDOS To Teresa Hookey!
  • Excuse the Dust!
  • Staff Spotlight: Cristina Holloway

Retirement… It’s About More than Money! 

John and Melanie were excited! After a 40-year career, John retired from his post as a senior engineer at a multinational corporation. The retirement countdown clock on John’s desk had been ticking down for almost a year, and both he and Melanie were enthusiastic about their upcoming move to Arizona where they shared dreams of golf, travel, visits from the kids, and lower state income taxes! There was a big party to celebrate and their closest friends jealously wished them the best. Their financial advisor even gave John a faux gold watch for a laugh, before happily confirming that they could afford to retire!

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