Our Team

Keith Campbell

Manager of Compliance, SFG, Investment Strategist, RJFS

Keith plays an important role in Summit’s ability to operate as a successful financial firm. As Manager of Compliance, he’s responsible for the rules and regulations governing our activities and ensuring our processes are meeting regulatory requirements. In addition, Keith oversees the data reporting our advisors receive to help them run efficient and proactive practices.


Keith has over 30 years of financial services industry experience and holds the Series 4, 7, 24, 53, 63, and 65 licenses. His goal is to continually evaluate and help improve business processes and client service at Summit to ensure our clients, our advisors, and our employees have the best experience possible.


Born and raised in Texas, Keith moved to California at the onset of his financial services career while serving in the Marine Corps Reserves. He lives in Concord with his wife, Lisa, who is decidedly his better half. Keith enjoys golf, camping, hiking … pretty much all outdoor activities. He and Lisa especially like taking tropical vacations to spend time at the beach, play in the waves, and enjoy some snorkeling.