Our Team

Angela Bessiere

Marketing Manager, SFG, Marketing Consultant, RJFS

Angela leads the marketing efforts for Summit. She is responsible for event planning and execution, the creation and organization of marketing and promotional materials for the company and our advisors, managing our social media sites, and creating content for our website.


With a degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University, Angela has a strong background in writing and editing. She has worked as a reporter for print and online media outlets and has managed content and marketing campaigns for several companies. She has also worked as a freelance writer and editor for more than 10 years. Her portfolio comprises sales blogs, lifestyle pieces, and real estate articles.


A self-proclaimed word nerd, she enjoys working crossword puzzles and reading on weekends as well as spending time with her family. A perfect Saturday afternoon for Angela includes exploring the wilderness of the Pleasanton Ridge near her home, trying a new restaurant or recipe, or taking a day trip somewhere along the California coast.