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Summit Perspective Winter 2024 EditionSummit Perspective Winter 2024

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  • Feature Article: Is 2024 the Year of Diversification?
  • Summit Spirit Award: David Moe & The High Fives Foundation
  • Summit University: Our Winter/Spring Schedule is Here!
  • Community Corner: Summit Foundation Update
  • Staff Spotlight: Welcome Justin!
  • Summit Trivia Challenge
  • An Important Tax-Time Reminder
  • It’s Symposium Season: View our Lineup!

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Is 2024 the Year of Diversification?

Readers of the Summit Perspective may recall our fall edition where we compared the economy to a weather forecast, with a recommendation to “dress in layers”. It was a metaphor for diversification, preparing for the unexpected with low-risk assets, while holding fast to the long-term principles of investing in equities. We argued you simply cannot time when markets will move quickly, and therefore need to be a participant when it does. That advice proved timely when in late October, the Federal Reserve Board signaled the end of its interest rate hiking cycle, touching off a whopper of a year-end rally. In short order, the major market indices pushed dramatically higher, turning a relatively flat year into a real winner.

As the journey through 2024 begins, diversification may prove as important as ever. The world in 2024 is a complicated and interconnected web of challenges and opportunities, but making investment policy out of predicting outcomes would be dangerous! Rather than guess, let’s discuss the headline issues and plan for multiple outcomes.

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