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  • Feature Article: The Saga of 2020
  • Summit Spirit Award: Teresa Hookey and Cougs Feeding Cougs
  • Summit U: Understanding Your Stock-Based Compensation Plan
  • Staff Spotlight: Connor Merrigan
  • Tax-Time Reminder
  • Stimulus Revisited: What You Need to Know
  • Fraud Protection: How the IRS Plans to Prevent Identity Theft
  • Our Symposium Series Continues in 2021!
  • Summit Trivia Challenge

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The Saga of 2020

To the delight of humankind, the calendar now reads 2021! It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe the events of the last twelve months in a way that would do it justice. In a word … UNBELIEVABLE!

The pandemic of 2020 changed our world to such an extent that a discussion about investing and financial planning seems trite by comparison. With over 20 million Americans infected and the death of 350,000 citizens, this has been a most sobering crisis. Furthermore, the havoc wrought on society by the policies that were implemented to combat COVID-19 have taken a tremendous toll on our wellbeing. Who could have imagined home lockdowns, a life lived on Zoom, eating takeout as a civic duty, and a shortage of toilet paper? We’ve lost track of the number of things from 2020 we never thought we would see in our lifetimes!

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