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Winter 2019

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  • Feature Article: Surviving the Bear
  • You’re Invited: Summit Symposium
  • KUDOS! Breanne: Camp Fire Strikes Close to Home
  • Summit U: Winter Session is Open
  • From the Ashes, a New Beginning: Rode Family Update
  • Staff Spotlight: Welcome Veronica and Cindy
  • New! Summit Trivia Challenge

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Surviving the Bear

As we write this in late December, most of the major market indices have reached bear market status or are in a sharp correction from their September highs. As usual, there are a host of reasons, all of which are portrayed as the next great apocalypse by media outlets fighting for attention on our screens.

Everyone wants to know if this downturn is the next 2008-style man-eater, or a mere cub that will be put in its place by a charging bull. Spoiler alert … we won’t know, and can’t know, until it has already happened. But in the interest of being prepared, we thought it prudent to pretend this was something more substantial. What would we do? What would you do?

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