Summit Gives Back – Samantha Receives Her Dream Room

October 10, 2017 | Category: Community

Last week, Summit Financial group was honored and privileged to participate in the dream-room makeover of 7-year-old Samantha, a Rooms of Hope (RoH) beneficiary and an all-around extraordinary kid. Two groups of Summit volunteers arrived at Samantha’s home to prep, paint, build furniture and lend a hand. Together with RoH volunteers, we were able to bring Samantha’s dream-room vision to life. Samantha’s younger siblings received makeovers as well!

Samantha’s reaction to her room was priceless. Gasping with surprise, her delight was apparent from the moment she entered the masterfully decorated space. All three children literally jumped for joy at the sight of their rooms. 

We were introduced to Samantha in September at our 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Dinner and Auction. Dressed from head-to-toe in turquoise, her favorite color, Samantha stood on stage with, RoH Executive Director, Shelley Ham, to talk about what her dream room makeover would mean to her.

Samantha is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She requires 2 years of treatment. Oftentimes Samantha can’t go outside because of her depressed immune system. Fortunately for us, she was well enough to attend the dinner and auction with her loving family.

Through her words and sweet smile she drew us in and worked her way into our hearts. Enamored and inspired, tournament attendees rushed to make donations to Rooms of Hope throughout the evening. As reported in our Golf Tournament Wrap-up, we raised more than $50,000 for Rooms of Hope children. Because of the generosity of our guests, seven children will receive their dream-room makeovers. Thanks again to all of you who volunteered your time and support to this great cause. 


About Rooms of Hope

To learn more about Rooms of Hope and how you can make a difference in the lives of children struggling to stay alive, visit their website.


Samantha’s giraffe-themed room!


Trevor’s Room


Julia’s Room


Some of our Summit Volunteers

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