Summit Foundation Donates to Help Hurricane Victims

August 30, 2017 | Category: Articles

Aerial view of hurricane

Some of you may remember the announcement of our newly formed Summit Foundation back in December of last year. Yesterday our foundation, moved by the stories unfolding in Houston and other Texas cities, unanimously voted to donate to the American Red Cross’ hurricane relief efforts in the areas heaviest hit. Southeast Texas continues to be plagued by flooding brought about by more than 50 inches of record-breaking rainfall since the hurricane’s landfall on August 25, according to the National Hurricane Center. Sadly, weather forecasters are predicting more rain is on the way in parts of the state already experiencing flooding.

As rescue and relief efforts continue, our hearts go out to all the families and businesses affected by this disaster. We are sincerely proud and grateful that we are able to contribute in some small way.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to donate, visit the Red Cross website.