Summit Announces Golf Tournament Charity

March 27, 2018 | Category: Articles

It’s official! Plans are being made for our 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. The first order of business was choosing our charity.  We began our search knowing that whichever charity we chose would have some big shoes to fill after last year’s recipient, Rooms of Hope, broke our record for most donations given at any previous tournament. We knew we were going to have to find a very special cause this year, and we feel confident we’ve done just that. We’re honored and privileged to announce that this year we will be supporting (drum roll, please) Lazarex Cancer Foundation!


About Lazarex

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. Lazarex Cancer Foundation provides services to advanced-stage cancer patients (all types of cancer) nationwide who have been told they are out of treatment options but aren’t ready to give up fighting to live. Lazarex offers hope and a second chance at life by helping patients access tomorrow’s cures today through FDA clinical trials.


The organization supports cancer patients with help identifying clinical trial options and provides financial assistance for costs associated with clinical trial participation (such as airfare, lodging and ground transportation). In addition, Lazarex pays for a travel companion so patients can keep their support network close when they are away from home.


We hope you will join us on Monday, September 17, at Ruby Hill Golf Club to help give cancer patients a fighting chance.  Learn more about our charity of choice at