Retire Wise: An Educational Retirement Strategy Workshop

April 14, 2021 | Category: Events

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Retire Wise: An Educational Retirement Strategy Workshop

Retirement is a time to create the life you have dreamed of living – free of the commute, the deadlines, and the pressures of professional life. The challenge is finding a way to finance those dreams. Reaching retirement doesn’t matter if you can’t live comfortably for the duration of your post-career years. Inflation, market shocks, emergency spending, and long-term care needs can derail your plans. Are you as prepared as you could be?

There’s a myriad of literature written about saving, investing, and accumulating enough wealth to retire, but precious little about how to use those assets to support 30-plus years of living.

During this workshop, a qualified instructor with years of industry experience will guide you through the retirement preparation process, alerting you to common pitfalls and giving you strategies that will help you live well throughout your retirement.

During our time together, we will focus on the following subjects:

• Common Planning Pitfalls
• Minimizing Taxes*
• Retirement Funding
• Investments
• Social Security and Medicare
• Risk Management
• Estate Planning
• Retiring with Purpose

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*Financial Advisors do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such. You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation. TR# 3551327 DOFU 4/2021