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Fall 2018

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  • Feature Article: Fear and Greed – Investor Psyche 10 Years after the Great Recession
  • KUDOS! Rachael: Providing Aid  to Sonoma County Fire Victims
  • Summit U: Learn About Our New Course: Wealth Creation Today
  • Our 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Tees Off Against Cancer
  • Staff Spotlight: Welcome Connor and Kim

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Fear and Greed – Investor Psyche 10 Years After the Great Recession

It is hard to believe a decade has passed since the Great Recession of 2008. It seems like mere months ago we were coaching people off the ledge regarding their investments, imploring them to stick to their strategy despite the sell-off.  Many of you lived it … and you remember!

Walking down memory lane in preparation for this article was eye-opening, because it is easy to forget the sheer volume of events that occurred in just a few months. By late 2007, it was obvious something was wrong with the subprime mortgage market. While the stock market hit an all-time high in October of 2007, pundits began to opine the housing market would face some difficulty and many borrowers obtaining mortgages without income documentation might default. What wasn’t known, however, was how many of those poorly underwritten mortgages had been packaged and sold off in security form (after being blessed as a good credit risk by ratings agencies) and held by virtually every financial institution on earth. That’s when the spaghetti really hit the fan …

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