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Summer 2018

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  • Feature Article: Sell in May and Go Away?
  • KUDOS! Breanne: UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Summit U: Second Saturday, Teens & Money, Transforming Social Security into a Winning Retirement Strategy
  • Financial Tips for Newlyweds
  • 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament – Registration is Now Open!
  • Meet our sweetest Summiteer: Baby Charlotte has arrived!

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Sell in May and Go Away?

There’s an adage on Wall Street admonishing traders to “Sell in May and Go Away.” Apparently, the phrase originated in England where merchants and bankers would head to the countryside during the hot summers to relax and watch horse racing. America’s version of this is Wall Street tycoons vacationing in the Hamptons during the summer months in lieu of manning their offices in Manhattan.

Just for fun, we decided to examine the data from 2000-2017 to see how stocks really fared in the summer months. Here’s what we found out …

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