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Summit Perspective Fall 2020 EditionFall 2020

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  • Feature Article: In Search of Perspective
  • Summit Spirit Award: Cristina, Trips for Kids Marin
  • Summit U: We’ve Gone Virtual!
  • Newborn News: Baby Claire has arrived and she’s ADORABLE!
  • Sneak Peek: Preview Our Office Makeover
  • Staff Spotlight: Welcome Robert, Martha, and Jeffrey
  • Mustang Love: Hardy and Trish Brunette
  • Summit Trivia Challenge
  • Our Symposium Series Lineup is Here!

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Summit SIP Summary

The year 2020 will go down in history as a defining moment for mankind. The coronavirus pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, and after months of disruption and many lives lost, the
nightmarish story isn’t finished. In the years ahead, books will be written, and classes will be taught about the worldwide phenomenon that stopped us in our tracks. They will seek to answer questions such as, “How could this happen?”, “Who is at fault?”, and “How can we handle it better the next time?” In short, everyone will be searching for perspective as we try to make sense of the unbelievable.

Perspective might be the most valuable commodity of our time. Despite a digital world where almost all the information that exists can be obtained on demand, it is almost impossible to gain perspective amid the noise. It seems everyone has an angle, a spin, or a worldview that they are pressing upon you via video soundbites or social media posts. When is the last time you saw a rational debate that didn’t involve hashtags, comments, or name calling? It’s enough to make you want to turn off your devices and escape for a while.

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