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2019 Symposium Wrap-up

Dave Dravecky holding the ball from the day he threw the pitch “heard around the world.”


7th Annual Summit Symposium Wrap-up


Once again held at the beautiful Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, our Summit Symposium was a day to remember!

Feeling Abundant

Summit Partner Nathan Bennett set the tone for the day with an overview of the Abundance Mindset, a concept first coined almost 30 years ago by Dr. Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” It is a concept which still resonates today and is very much a part of the Summit culture.

It’s the antithesis of a scarcity mindset, which is born of fear and greed – the idea that there simply isn’t enough to go around. If something good happens to someone else, there is less for me. On the other end of the spectrum lies the Abundance Mindset – based on a sense of personal worth and security. There is plenty for everyone. It fosters creativity, teamwork, and growth. Setting the groundwork, Nathan explained that Summit will continue to cultivate the Abundance Mindset with clients and among our team.

Investing in Growth & Innovation

Next up, George Russell, an Institutional Portfolio Manager with Franklin Equity Group, took to the stage to delve into the wonderful world of investing. He painted a picture that centered around Silicon Valley remaining the hub of venture capital and private equity and went on to tag the U.S. as the market leader in innovation. He also relayed the importance of companies that are market disruptors, utilizing technology to change the way we do business in the future.

The Doctor is In

Following Russell’s presentation, Dr. Bill Lloyd, Health Director with Transamerica’s Advanced Markets Group, delivered his presentation titled, The Health and Wealth Connection. With a heathy dose of humor, Dr. Lloyd outlined the importance of planning and preparedness in our financial lives and with our health. With advances in medicine and healthcare improvements, we’re living longer, something we need to account for in our planning process. We also learned to recognize the signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which strike a large percentage of seniors.

In review … careful planning, healthy habits, career satisfaction, feeling socially connected in your relationships and within your community, financial security and physical well-being was the doctor’s prescription for a life well lived.

Summit Financial Foundation

The second half of the day began with an update on the Summit Financial Foundation and a heartfelt presentation from Nancy LaBelle, executive Director of the Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area (DSCBA), an organization that empowers, inspires, and supports people with Down syndrome, their families and the community that serves them while fostering awareness and acceptance in all areas of life. Summit Partner Steve Wilcox and Advisor and Foundation President, Vanessa Savage then presented DSCBA with a check for $5,000 on behalf of the foundation.

The Big Leagues

Dave Dravecky, former major league baseball player, concluded the Symposium to the sound of thundering applause and a standing ovation for his presentation: The Worth of a Man. Everyone in the room listened attentively as Dravecky chronicled the story of his rise to fame as a San Francisco Giants “southpaw” and the devastating battle with cancer that killed the career he had dreamed of since he was an 8-year-old boy in little league.

During his presentation, Dravecky held up his baseball card – a symbol of his success – and tore it in half. The cancer had robbed him of his pitching arm and left him feeling worthless, unable to pursue a sport he loved. He felt like half the man he was before cancer.

Through his pain and suffering he realized he had worth beyond his comprehension. Dravecky traveled down a rough road of self-discovery, one that led him to realize that our value as human beings is not dependent upon what we own or our career as society would have us believe, but upon our relationships with others.

As Dravecky made his way off the stage, Nathan Bennett presented him with a donation to the charity he runs with his wife, Jan, called Endurance, which offers encouragement and resources to people experiencing a serious illness, loss, or depression.

As the day came to a close, our guests made their way to the Barrel room for a donut flambee dessert bar and wine tasting. Dravecky was there waiting to sign autographs and visit with fans. Many were emotional meeting the legend – some tearing up, others finding comfort in relaying their own struggles with adversity.

As always, we took great pleasure in hosting this event meant to entertain, inspire and educate. Please join us next year on February 29th at our new location – Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton.

View photos of the Symposium here.


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